October begins today, meaning it is officially the start of “spooky season.” In the spirit of things, I’d like to share my most recent experience with the paranormal.

I have a cat living with me at my apartment named Briana. She’s talkative and sweet, but also incredibly odd. She’ll stare at herself for long periods of time in the mirror and groom herself in front of it. She’ll meow at nothing for minutes at a time and run around the apartment howling at any and all hours of the night.

When we first moved in, Briana took particular interest in our main-level bathroom. Every morning and every evening, she’d walk into the bathroom and meow incessantly for a while.

We thought it was some strange quirk, perhaps she liked the way her voice echoed throughout the room. But one day, my roommate followed her there.

She said Briana would jump onto the counter and look in the mirror, first at herself, and then at the seemingly empty corner behind her. At that moment my friend said she felt a presence in the bathroom, the looming feeling that if she looked behind her she would see someone standing there, but the mirror was empty.

My roommate is something of an aficionado with the occult. Her house as a child was full of strange happenings and robed figures. She now chalks it up partially to childhood imagination, though she still believes in the supernatural.

She recalls times as a child where doors would open and close without someone touching them, and a being making its presence known when she was alone in the house. With experiences like these, I took what she said with more weight than usual.

Knowing what to do, my roommate “cleansed” the room, Briana lost interest in the bathroom and for a while, our ghost problems ceased.

Until last weekend.

My cat has a habit of waking me up at 6 a.m. every morning to be fed. I’ll rise groggily, open a can and pour it in her bowl.

Most days she sniffs it, and decides she must loudly romp about the room, scratching walls, doors and mirrors and meowing to high heaven before finally eating and sleeping again.

Saturday morning, the usual routine followed, and as I rose up from sleeping, I heard thunder gently rumble outside, the sky darker than usual that morning.

I gave her the food and climbed back into bed. As she always does, Briana ran around the room and began scratching at the door to be let out. I usually never open the door for her.

But then, I saw the door handle turn and the door opened; she ran out of my room.

At the time, I thought my roommate may have done it, but it was six in the morning, there was no way she would be awake. The cat didn’t open it herself, I watched her sit and wait as the door was opened and she bound out to the living room.

Downstairs, I could hear Briana meowing and running around. What was she doing? Playing with the ghost? I was too spooked to go and look for myself. I waited for her to come back upstairs and locked the door before covering up and waiting for daylight to rescue me.

My roommate and I currently have two theories.

Firstly, the spirit that followed my roommate around in her youth, opening doors and coming out when the house was quiet, has followed her to this apartment, where the spirit has taken a liking to my cat and decided to help her out.

Secondly, my cat may be a telekinetic being and opened it herself. She has exhibited signs of intelligence and understanding of the human language, therefore she could have been a witch now trapped in a cat’s body.

I didn’t make this story up, it’s as real as you or I. Is there some logical explanation? Being a skeptic, I am typically inclined to believe so. But, you didn’t see what I saw. I saw the handle turn, and the door open without a hand to maneuver it.

This Halloween season, I warn you to watch for the spooky happenings in your living space.

The creaks in your floorboards and the moan of your windows on a windy day. Is it all in your head? Or are there specters nearby?

ELIZABETH SEILS is a News Editor for The Vidette. She can be contacted at elseils@ilstu.edu Follow her on Twitter at @SeilsElizabeth 

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