Everybody has landlord problems. They don’t come fix your sink, they make you pay for your own internet, they force you to live in a closet-sized space with four other people, it’s happened to everyone.

I bet I can top it all.

Last November, I found this great opportunity. Brand new apartments with all sorts of amenities, all listed for a fair price.

Four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room, all completely furnished. It looked perfect! Only a few steps away from my apartment would be a beautiful pool, complete with a courtyard with built-in grills and couches.

There was one little problem: it wasn’t built yet. At the time, I thought it was no big deal. After all, it was only November.

They had 10 whole months before I had to move in. It certainly seemed like plenty of time to build a house.

Believing that was my first mistake.

Fast forward to late July, my roommates and I were excited, until we all nervously realized we had heard nothing about the progress on the complex.

There were no photos on the internet, no proof that the building was even real, and no word from our landlord.

I decided to be brave and call him.

“Everything will be ready in time!” He said, though I am paraphrasing. “You’ll be good to move in the Thursday before classes. And don’t worry, the pool looks beautiful, we’ll even keep it open longer so you guys can use it!”

Believing that was my second mistake.

A month passes, now I’m preparing to leave Thursday to move down, my entire life packed in boxes and strewn around my childhood home.

Then I get a call from my landlord. Great news! I can’t move in until Friday, but he’ll put me up in a hotel for the night. I think it’s not ideal, but I can handle it.

Believing what he said was my third mistake.

On the Friday I’m supposed to move in, I receive a text from my landlord. It starts with an apology, something I know means bad news. I won’t be able to move in until Monday, meaning all of clothes, books and supplies will wait in storage until I can actually get into my apartment.

But don’t worry, the pool is beautiful.

I am furious, but trapped. What can I do but wait? It’s too late to find a new apartment.

I unhappily paid my dues, I waited out the weekend and moved in on Monday evening. I had already paid two months rent for a place I hadn’t been living in. A happy ending is expected, but sadly not given.

The modern furniture? Half of it was missing.

The included internet? Uninstalled.

The pool? A puddle of mud created by rainstorms.

Beautiful indeed.

It’s my own fault truly, there are lots of times I shouldn’t have believed what I was told. I should know better than to blindly accept information. My naivete and excitement blinded me to the truth.

Heed my mistakes, read this story and know better than me. Never buy anything unseen, and don’t listen to your landlord.

ELIZABETH SEILS is a News Editor for The Vidette. She can be contacted at elseils@ilstu.edu Follow her on Twitter at @SeilsElizabeth

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