If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.” We’ve heard the phrase since we were eight years old, but have you ever considered the importance behind this message? I do not think we often realize the power kind people have on those they interact with. Power to turn someone’s day around, or restore their faith that there are good people who exist. All it takes is giving a person a simple smile, asking how his or her day is going or even continuing to be kind to someone who is yelling at youI believe we should constantly challenge ourselves to be more intentional about being kind to others because nice people are something we need more of in this world.  

As we constantly sulk through our daily routines, it is easy to become distracted with our own tasks. Many people let the challenges of their day influence how they treat and speak to others. It is so easy to say rude things under our breath when someone cuts us off while driving, but how would we want someone to react to us accidentally cutting them off? Everyone has battles and we never know the ones other people are fighting, but we constantly react negatively without even thinking twice about it.  

In a perfect world, we would have kindness in our hearts 100% of the time. In our world, the reality of rude, harsh people will always exist (we all have our moments). The only power we have to make a change is by continuing to be kind to those who may not always be willing to do the same. When we are easier on other people during their hardest days, people may be easier on us when we face the same struggles. Instead of immediately giving people a hard time for making mistakes, we can strive to give people a little piece of kindness during ugly moments. If we do not have kindness, all we have is negativity. Kindness is the key to making the overwhelming amount of negativity in this day and age seemingly irrelevant. 

Morgan Kuniej is a mass media major and a blogger for The Vidette. Any questions or comments regarding her blog can be sent to mkkunie@ilsut.edu. ​​

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