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With the exception of some more recent action movies and musicals, cinema is one of the times where the power of music has the opportunity to shine without having to directly tell the listener the story or message.

Soundtracks in movies arguably allow for the most environment creation and emotion development than any other instrumental genre.

The soundtrack for The Lord of the Rings composed by Howard Shore is quite possibly one of the best soundtracks for any movie of all time next to the tracklist for Star Wars.

Both are riddled with iconic melodies that force the listener to think of a character or environment and experience them on a deeper level.

When the viewer first gets to The Shire in The Lord of the Rings or when they first see Darth Vader in Star Wars, they feel a sense of peace or overwhelming power for each respective situation.

The reason for this is that the composers have to solely reside on the highs and lows of their band or orchestra to deliver these feelings.

John Williams’ “Imperial Death March” from Star Wars is one of the most well known movie tracks of all time.

It immediately shows a character and the strength of that character. Obviously having a march-like rhythm gives the movie and character movement and makes the viewer feel like they’re in danger.

Movies like Fast and the Furious or the new Shang-Chi film who both have songs with lyrics are by no means bad or lazy for directly portraying the message.

However, the technique and mastery over the musical note must be significantly higher to solidify an entire environment in a few notes.

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