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In one month, Citizen, Drug Church, Glitterer and Floating Room will be playing in Chicago at Bottom Lounge.

These four alternative rock groups from Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Portland are going on tour across the United States to play at various venues until the tour ends Dec. 19 in Detroit.

Citizen, the band headlining the show, is known for its melancholy themes, passionate vocals and post-hardcore sound.

Songs such as "The Night I Drove Alone" and "Drown" heavily discuss thoughts of suicide and emotional emptiness.

While often playing and writing songs that discuss trauma and dark themes, the band often intensifies its sound and strays away from forlorn lyrics, opting for an intense, moshing noise.

Their latest album, "Life in Your Glass World" deals with depression in an often vengeful way, taking it back a few times with songs like "Winter Buds" to give the listener some breathing room.

Drug Church and Glitterer follow a similar path but have a different sound.

Drug Church often follows a formula where they play lightly and have descriptive vocals up to an ‘explosive’ point, where they unleash their punk-like aggression onto the listener’s ears.

Glitterer focuses on a higher range in its vocals, going from a deep scream to lighter whispers in songs like "Destiny" or "Didn’t Want It."

Floating Room is different from the previous three partially because it has a female vocalist with vocals that are ‘explosive’ in a similar fashion to Drug Church’s play style.

Going from low notes to high notes with each word while simultaneously shredding is a style very unique to this lineup. 

Pleasant, more pronounced basslines are also what differentiates Floating Room from the rest of the bands, as well as having a more pop-inspired style.

The venue is a multi-tiered bar with the venue at the back, allowing early entry to patrons over 21 years old because it is a bar.

Decorated with several arcade machines, music posters, art and the usual neon signs found in bars, Bottom Lounge is one of the most aesthetically pleasing venues to visit, especially with a lineup of alt-rock bands.

CALEB LAWLER is a Blogger for The Vidette. Lawler can be contacted at Follow Lawler on Twitter at @CLawler1813

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