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With the recent spike in coronavirus cases in Illinois, students should practice social distancing now more than ever. This newfound solitude has left us with a copious amount of free time on our hands that often feels overwhelming.

Even though individuals in quarantine may feel a lack of motivation as a result of staying inside, they should use this time to their advantage. It is often felt that there is only a small amount of time to perform one’s hobbies. Now, one should make the most of their quarantine to practice what they are good at.

One way that I found helped pass the time was to expand my library. It is important for me, as an English major, to have an expansive collection of books in order to build on my reading and writing skills. With so much time on my hands, I’ve never had so much time to read. So far, I have had the time to read 10 books. Not only have I been able to read, but I have had time to journal and improve on my writing skills.

Junior special education major Jack Loris has used his free time to practice playing his guitar and his song writing skills. Loris enjoys writing and recording original songs on Spotify and SoundCloud.

“I never used to have time to make music before quarantine. When we went into quarantine, I had a lot of quiet time to sit down and use my equipment.” Loris said.

Junior English education major Gianna Lopez has used her time to pick up running again. Lopez used to run track in high school with a goal of breaking her personal and school records for track and long-distance running. However, Lopez says that ever since she started college, she has not had the chance to run as much as she did in high school. After we were sent home last semester, she decided to use her newfound time to run again and try to work up to her old records.

“I usually listen to music and run through the neighborhood near my house that leads to a trail.” Lopez said, “It’s taken a long time, but I am close to my old record from high school. I try to run around [a] 5K in under 20 minutes.”

Many may be feeling existential, overwhelmed and just tired for no reason as a result of quarantine. This feeling has often been described as “pandemic fatigue”. However, we should look on the bright side and try to gain something from this pandemic.

FLORA SEIDLER is a Copy Editor and Blogger for The Vidette. She can be contacted at fdseidl@ilstu.edu. Follow her on Twitter at @FloraSeidler

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