I got back to Blono a few days ago after a fun, relaxing Winter break. I spent a couple of days getting back into the swing of things—cleaning my apartment and getting ready for my classes. Everything was running smoothly until the fire alarm went off in my apartment building one night. You know that moment when you are almost asleep? Well I was in that moment when the alarm woke me up. I scrambled around my apartment looking for my keys, my coat, and some shoes. That is hard to do when you’re half asleep and in the dark. I made it down the stairs and outside. We had to wait for about 45 minutes. I noticed some people in their PJs; no one expected this to happen. I’ve been in this apartment building for two years and this is the first time this has happened. They never pinpointed why the alarm went off. It was most likely a system malfunction, as most fire alarm issues are in college. I was just happy that I didn’t have to stand outside for too long. I did go back to sleep and prayed the alarm didn’t go off again that night.

Fire alarms and fire drills are no fun, as we all know for those who have lived in the dorms. I thought I would have never had to deal with false alarms once I left the dorms. As we all know, every year there’s that one freshman who thinks it’s funny to pull the fire alarm at 3am. Or that student who doesn’t want to take their midterm, so they pull the fire alarm right before class starts (I’ve experienced that, too). The all-time worst is when the fire alarm goes off when you’re in the shower. That’s happened to me three times. It’s the worst feeling!

Well, the fire alarm going off wasn’t quite the “Welcome Back” I was expecting. I’m just crossing my fingers that it doesn’t happen any time soon. I hope you all get a better welcome back to campus than I did. I wish you all a great semester!

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