Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer recently released their fourth studio album "CALM," which is available now for streaming and for purchase.

Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer released its fourth studio album “CALM” that features hit singles “No Shame”, “Teeth” and “Easier”.

The album name is more than just a mashup of each member's name.

Compared to past albums, “CALM” shows a softer side of the pop-rock elements. The opening song of the album, “Red Desert” has gospel-like harmonies mixed with a rock beat. The drums leading up to the chorus are a softer beat but then the chorus hits and it gives off the pop-rock vibes.

The song is also one of those to listen on a late summer night when driving through an empty road in the middle of dessert. It’s angelic mixed with punk rock.

One of the recent singles, “Old Me” focuses on the growth as individuals and as a band. The rock song is a past note to themselves of how they “didn't listen when the world was trying to slow [them]”. The lyrics are nostalgic and an ode to their past selves and their fans.

5SOS continues to play with different musical melodies, beats and instruments that give each of their songs a unique touch.

Wildflower” uses the gospel-like harmony in the opening with a soft rock beat. The chorus also has a unique sound where it goes from one band member singing high and another band member singing low to give it more of a dynamic feature.

The songs “Best Years”, “Lover of Mine” and “High” are the soft-rock songs.

“Best Years” and “Lover of Mine” are almost a love song type but more about expressing feelings.

“Best Years” is almost mushy-wedding vow stating the not so pleasant parts of taking care of one another in a relationship but learning to grow together. The song also features U2’s David Howell Evans on guitar strumming a softer melody. Whereas the lyrics in “Lover of Mine” are about the singer seeing the best and worst of their partner yet still wanting to grow together.


Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer recently released their fourth studio album "CALM," which is available now for streaming and for purchase.

The closing song on the album, “High” starts off the guitar and singer going up one note higher before coming back to a more neutral and soft tone. The closing song is almost like a goodbye letter and letting go of the past.

The album took a more emotional approach showing the growth of the band from the beginning and putting themselves in a more vulnerable spotlight

“CALM” has an ever-growing retro vibe throughout the tracklist that brings in angelic harmonies, lower-bass sounds to bring an electric dance beat giving the album a softer punk rock vibe.

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