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Internships are available at Illinois State University's student news website The Vidette. The internship is an important way to enhance your academic studies and provide the option for academic credit through the School of Communication or the ISU English Department. Applicants do not need to be enrolled in the School of Communication at ISU to be eligible for internships with The Vidette. Reporters, copy editors, photographers and videographers are strongly encouraged to take advantage of valuable academic internship credit available through the School of Communication Course 398 program. Details of how to enroll in the internship-for-credit program will be made available at the time of your interview with a Vidette sub-editor. (Academic internships are only available during the fall an spring semesters.) The Vidette has a long and proud track record of students who use their campus news media experiences at The Vidette to land outstanding full-time positions or stimulating internships in the job market beyond ISU. You may also opt for a non-academic credit internship in any of these areas. In addition to the positions listed, non-academic credit internships are also available for bloggers and podcast hosts. If you have any questions or require further information regarding this internships, please contact Editor in Chief Kellie Foy or General Manager John Plevka

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