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Illinois State freshman Daniella Grgas (front0 with the Redbird soccer team during the 2021 season. 

Daniella Grgas was given a rare opportunity as a freshman; to be a team captain.

“I’m thankful for the opportunities the coaches have given me,” Grgas said “A lot of it is credited to the people around me on the team. There is a lot of great people to learn from.”

Through her work ethic, she was able to show her coaches that she is here for her team and wants what is best to help her team be successful. Being successful means representing the whole team and with a big freshman class, it is important to have a leader.

“We wanted to have a more complete representation across our team within that leadership group, for one to get better representation to get a better pulse of all the classes.” Illinois State Soccer head coach Brad Silvey said.

Before she even arrived, Grgas was all about leading her recruiting class and making sure they knew what work was needed to be put in.

“She’s been a leader within that class before that class ever arrived. So, when we were going through that recruiting process, she took it upon herself to be kinda the hub and the centralized individual where all information went through,” Silvey said.

Grgas graduated high school a semester early so she could come here early and learn the system earlier. Learning is a big part of her current role on the team right now.

“My role as a leader right now is to learn. Learn a lot from the girls that are ahead of me in my position and as captains on the team. To be a support to everyone around me. To be positive on the team, to be on time and to do the little things,” Grgas said.

As well as learning she knows it is important to be supportive of her teammates. Grgas is part of a big freshman class of 11 newcomers which means leadership is important.

“My biggest role is to just support my teammates the best I can. Coming in with a big group of girls and helping everyone to have the best team environment as possible,” Grgas said.

Being able to learn from and understanding the chemistry of her teammates is huge to Grgas. Knowing she has people to help guide her and learning from the other captains will help shape her as a leader.

“We have three other team captains on our team that I get to learn from and get some experience from as well. It has been a great learning experience as well," Grgas said.

Grgas is full of energy and is always excited to play her roles on the team. She also puts in the work to be the absolute best she can be both for herself and for her team.

“She lives what she speaks, there’s no fluff to it and it’s not just she turns it on when it is convenient. She is someone who’s true to her character all the time,” Silvey said.

On and off the field she is always ready to compete. Being a role model for her teammates, she is known as a captain and has to be someone they can look up to. She plays for her team.

“She’s just a leader in every regard. In how she speaks, and how she acts. She has been an incredible model and ambassador of our program from the day we met her”  Silvey said.

Grgas wants to be a winner and knows this team is capable of doing that. She always is pushing herself and her teammates to be the best. Knowing that this team can be great, Grgas is very excited for this season.

“I’m super excited to start playing and seeing our team grow and compete with some tough competition,” Grgas said.

Grgas is ready to be a leader this season and help lead the Redbirds to a winning season.

“It has been a long time coming and I’m excited to see our seniors playout their possible last seasons and hopefully come out with a ring at the end of the day,” Grgas said.

So far this season Grgas has not played in starting time but still serves as team captain. 

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