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One of the best qualities of Uptown Normal is its walkability.

All within the span of a couple blocks, locals and students can do some retail shopping, grab a bite to eat and even see a movie.

However, one of the amenities that the area lacks is a grocery store.

The closest shop that the area has is a CVS. While that store may have some of the items that people may need, it still lacks many options for grocery foods like fruits and vegetables as well as items at a more affordable price.

This presents a problem for many Illinois State University students, who live right near Uptown Normal.

For those that do not have a car, that means walking over a mile to the nearest grocery store, taking the bus or depending on a friend for transportation.

But recently, a group of individuals known as Citizens for Equitable Food Access have brought the idea of adding a grocery store to Uptown to the forefront of conversation.

They had the idea of opening up a locally owned grocery store in Uptown to increase accessibility.

Not only is this an excellent idea for the people, but it is also a great idea for the town.

With no other competitors within close distance, the shop will have the pick of the litter when it comes to customers.

Plus, with ISU essentially next door, the business from college students during the school year is bound to be plenty.

And if there is one thing that residents of Normal are all about, it is shopping local.

Having this business be locally owned instead of a chain allows for those personal connections and community togetherness to foster.

Local events like First Fridays are sure to help the business enter the community with open arms as well as get a good grounding in terms of profits.

The Town of Normal should move forward with the plan to open a locally owned grocery store here in Uptown.

Citizens for Equitable Food Access use accessibility as a driving force behind the idea, and that is exactly why this plan for a local grocery store should be taken seriously.

Everyone – local and student – deserves easy access to fulfill needs like food, toiletries and more.

Not only is this idea great for business, but it gives the people the grocery accessibility that they deserve.

ELIZABETH URBAN is News Editor for The Vidette. Urban can be contacted at emurba1@ilstu.edu. Follow Urban on Twitter at @eliizabethurban.  

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