Travis Scott performs during the Astroworld Festival at NRG Stadium on Nov. 9, 2019, in Houston. 

The recent event from Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert has caused many to be severely injured or traumatized, and some were even left lifeless.

What happened at this concert should have and could have been prevented. This event was understaffed which caused mayhem when the rapper was insinuating riots and causing many to get severely injured.

What happened needs to be a lesson for all. Concert venues need to update their rules and regulations to ensure that this never happens again.

Many fans were begging production to stop the show because people were dying. Their reaction was to ignore these fans and allow the show to keep going. The videos from this show were devastating to watch as people begged and pleaded for help.

Events like this should never be allowed to happen again. There have been allegations that the rapper made a tweet in May, that was then deleted, telling fans to break into the venue. This is where all the chaos began.

The venue should have had more security since the rapper has been arrested at a performance before specifically for insinuating a riot.

Live Nation has been known to heavily violate safety regulations over the years. According to NPR, there are records on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OHSA) website that Live Nation has been cited for previous safety violations.

Concert venues need to be stricter when it comes to concert safety and regulations. When these venues are cited, it needs to be taken more seriously.

Live Nation venues have also held concerts where terrible things have happened.

For example, Ariana Grande’s 2017 concert where a suicide bomber attacked the venue, the mass shooting that occurred at a 2017 country music festival in Las Vegas and the stage collapse that occurred in 2011 at the Indiana State Fair where some were killed and many left injured.

It is clear that Live Nation needs to update its safety regulations because these terrible things clearly keep occurring. It is unbelievable that after these horrific incidents that Live Nation was not held accountable.

In order to avoid these disastrous situations, venues need to make it their number one priority to keep the people safe.

The priorities are more directed toward the celebrity and their team when the attention needs to be directed to concert safety so that there is never a fatality at their events.

There is no excuse for what happened at this concert because Houston officials warned the rapper before the show of the possibility of mayhem striking. It is also known that people were injured in a stampede trying to enter Scott’s last Astroworld event.

Scott was aware and okay with it. This is not a man who cares about his fans, and it is disappointing how Astroworld played out. 

This should be a lesson to not only Live Nation but all concert venues. After all that occurred, all concert venues should have a mandatory sit down and update their rules and regulations to ensure that something like this never occurs at any concert venue.

OSHA should also update its safety protocols to ensure that all concert venues are responsible for keeping people safe.

Even though much time has passed since COVID-19 began, it is still affecting our day-to-day lives. Therefore, having events to this capacity is still unsafe given we are still living in a pandemic.

Events should not be this large in capacity, especially when the performer is known for insinuating riots.

The venue needs to be held responsible. The employees who forcefully ignored those pleading for help need to be held responsible. Most of all, Scott needs to be responsible for the gruesome tragedies that he encouraged at his concert.

SANDRA ESPARZA is a News and Features Reporter for The Vidette. Esparza can be contacted at smespa1@ilstu.edu. Follow Esparza on Twitter at @esparzasandra21.  

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