Feb. 15 was National Annoy Squidward Day, and to celebrate that, I will be ranking some of my favorite "Spongebob" episodes featuring our favorite Krusty Krab clerk.

5. “Squidville”

This episode was essentially about Squidward getting tired of Spongebob and Patrick’s usual shenanigans and wanting to move to a place where everyone is just like him.

4. “SB-129”

What made this episode notable is how relatable it is, as it deals with the struggles of being different and thinking that there is no one that can understand what you may be going through. It felt perfect for a character like Squidward.

This episode stands out as it showed how alone Squidward truly was and how much he truly missed Spongebob and Patrick, displaying a side of Squidward that is rarely seen.

3. “The Camping Episode”

This episode featured Squidward caving into peer pressure and joining Spongebob and Patrick on a camping adventure.

This episode encapsulates what’s so great about "Spongebob" from the random humor, encounters with bizarre creatures and memorable musical numbers.

2.  “Pizza Delivery”

This episode followed Squidward and Spongebob as they delivered the Krusty Krab’s first ever pizza and had to travel for miles back to Bikini Bottom after a boat mishap.

The humor was amazing in this episode as both Squidward and Spongebob bounced off each other perfectly, displaying the real friendship between the two.

1. “Band Geeks”

This episode revolved around Squilliam challenging Squidward to perform at the Bubble Bowl with his band, causing him to unite all of Bikini Bottom to perform.

This was a funny episode as it had the iconic “Is mayonnaise an instrument?” line from Patrick, but the real heart came from the “Sweet Victory” song. It was amazing seeing everyone unite just to help one person and it was indeed a sweet victory for Squidward.

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