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This year is the 100-year anniversary of Illinois State University's Homecoming week. After last year's Homecoming was pushed to the spring and had mostly virtual events due to the pandemic. 

Everybody loves a reason to celebrate, and Illinois State University is no different.

Homecoming is a special event for ISU every year. This year is even more special because it is the 100-year anniversary of Homecoming.

It is pretty cool that this year has been not only the return of a lot of things in the world, but also as a year with a lot of meaning.

A lot of my classmates did not get to experience Homecoming yet. Last year’s Homecoming was canceled due to the pandemic.

While some virtual events can try to make up for it, nothing really feels like Homecoming than being surrounded by the student body. I have learned a lot over the course of last year and this year that the students are really who make the university feel like home.

Being on campus last year when everything was canceled or online felt almost isolating. Over 20,000 students go to ISU, but it felt like maybe a few dozen actually went here.

Not only does Homecoming have a lot of significance to the university, but it also does to the community. Things are finally feeling like they are getting back to normal.

Just a few weeks ago, we had Family Weekend return to in person events.

At first, I was hesitant to have that many people on campus all at once, but everything appears to have went smoothly. I can only hope for the same for Homecoming.

I do not want to jinx anything, but it seems like we could be finally getting better. That being said, nothing magically gets better on its own.

As the student body, we need to continue to be diligent about mask wearing and following other safety precautions at Homecoming events this week.

While I am also excited to experience a “normal” college event again, events like this can disappear just as quickly as they came.

The discomfort or inconvenience of masks is well worth it is the alternative is to give up all of our in-person events that the university and other organizations had planned.

If we can hold up our end of the deal by practicing proper COVID-19 precautions, I think that this week will go by pretty smoothly.

I am excited to see what everyone is planning for the week, the parade, the game and all of the other things that make Homecoming so special.

The 100-year anniversary of Homecoming at ISU is absolutely a reason to celebrate, but taking risks has consequences. I am hopeful that the benefits will outweigh the risks this year.

ELIZABETH URBAN is News Editor for The Vidette. Urban can be contacted at emurba1@ilstu.edu. Follow Urban on Twitter at @eliizabethurban.

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